Chelsea Spaeth 
Grade 7 Language Arts

Miss Spaeth

Hello all! My name is Miss Spaeth and I am beginning my second year as the 7th grade Language Arts teacher at Whitewater Middle School. I am a recent graduate from UW-Oshkosh with a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education (1-8) with a minor in Language Arts. I have left footsteps all throughout Wisconsin beginning over near Eau Claire in a small town called Stanley, which is where I am originally from. I then went to Oshkosh for college followed by Milwaukee for my student teaching experience. All of these adventures led me to the beautiful city of Whitewater, which has been an amazing experience so far! 

So why Whitewater?
Whitewater seems to be the perfect fit for me! I am excited to venture through all of the technology and innovative activities that come with the Whitewater School District. I also feel that my love for extracurricular activities and athletics will fit in well with the multitude of choices that are available for the students. 

This school year will be full of exciting and engaging activities that will build the knowledge of students through hands on lessons and creative work. We will be reading many interesting novels that will also align with the standards necessary for enhancement through the use of writing and reading activities. We will also do activities outside of school that deal with important content necessary for growth. If anyone has any questions, concerns, or just want to chat feel free to email me or give me a call!


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