Student Council '14/'15


What is Student Council?
Whitewater Middle School Student Council is dedicated to promoting youth leadership in our school community.

The members are involved with leadership practice for student government, councils, and honor societies. Idea sharing, idea implementation, and networking among fellow students is a key concept. Students that choose to join Student Council have a variety of ways to positively affect our school climate.

What commitees can I be a part of?
  Three main committees-Fundraising, School Spirit, and Community Service

Fundraising: organize and run a variety of money making activities for Student Council and school
        Concessions-sell snacks and drinks during sporting events.
        Funds for Friends-gather receipts and total for money back from Sentry.
        Ice Cream Sales-Sell ice cream during lunch hours.
        Whippet Wear Sales-Students sell whippet wear during conferences and organize orders.
School Spirit: Help students gain a school pride and excitement for school activities and events.
        Activity nights-help in organization of activity nights and lunch time activities. 
        Assembly-organize and take part in running whole school assemblies. 
        Bulletin Boards-keep the student body up to date with current events and pictures.
        Election-be part of decorating and planning of the October election.
        Positive Coupons-Pick winners and announce at end of day. Promote positive environment in school.
        Photography-record school events by picture taking. 
        Teacher lounge-decorate for specific occasions. Recognize staff etc.
        Winterfest-February week of fun, spirit and togetherness.
Community Service:  donate your time and services to the community and school                 
        Calendar-complete the monthly calendar in the cafeteria
        Cancer Awareness-come up with ideas to raise money for cancer research-April
        Blood Drive and Bookfairs-help out with these activities
        Box Tops for Education-help PTO in collecting and sending in box tops.
        Going Green-plan and implement ways in which to be more environmentally friendly 
        International Child-send money, cards, and letters to a sponsored child 
        Red Ribbon Week-organize and run week in October.
        Track meets-work to help out during track meets in Spring.
WASC Conference-attend the District IV Fall Student Council Conference 
Why should I join?
You can have a voice that will affect school climate
It helps to prepare you for student governments and honor societies in high school
You can practice working in a group of people with similar goals

How do I join?
Step #1 Complete the application form and parent form
Step #2 Attend all meetings (held one time a month)
Step #3 Get involved and stay active!!!
Step #4 Maintain good grades and behavior
How do I become a Student Council Representative?
There are four positions available every year: president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer.  Each October a student election is held.  This student election is supported by the seventh grade team and all WMS Social Studies classes.  Students who are interested in becoming a Student Council Representative need to first choose a cabinet made of grade 6, 7, and 8 students.  The election begins with a primary in September where two cabinets are selected for the October election.  A vigorous campaign process follows with the cabinets getting their platform messages out to the student body.  The election process culminates with the student election that includes a debate, voting by the student body, and a variety of professional speakers from our area.  This is an exciting event at Whitewater Middle School and students are encouraged to be a part of the process!

Are there any field trips?
Yes.  Student Council participates in an annual trip.  Students who have been active in at least four activities, attended all but two meetings, and academically meet the requirements are invited to be a part of this fun day.  The trip usually takes place in May or June.  

Mrs. Wilke and Mrs. Fero


The President is

·Is responsible for running the meetings.

·Is responsible for writing up the agenda.

·Is responsible for getting ideas passed down to the appropriate committee members. Will be meeting with committee heads once a month.

·Is responsible for going to the Leadership Meetings, PTO meetings and School Board Meetings.

·Is responsible for making sure the Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer are doing their jobs.

·Is responsible for relaying all information back to the advisors.
The Vice-President is

·Is responsible for meeting room set up.

·Is responsible for attending some PTO meetings.

·Is responsible for making the meeting announcement.

·Is responsible for attendance books at the meetings.

·Is responsible for helping the President with ideas and committees. Will be responsible for meeting with 2 committees a month.

·Is responsible for getting information from the committee chair persons and reporting it back to the President.
The Secretary is

·Is responsible for writing down the notes from the meeting and typing them up afterward. Copies go to Advisors, President, Vice President, and Treasurer.

·Is responsible for getting copies of agenda from President run off for the meeting.

·Is responsible for helping the President with ideas and committees.

·Is responsible for attending some PTO meetings, or School Board meetings.
The Treasurer is

·Is responsible for getting the current balance from Mrs. Bohls of the checking account.

·Is responsible for telling what money we have spent and used from one meeting to the next.

·Is responsible for helping the President with ideas and committees.

·Is directly responsible for the Fundraising committee.

·Is the fill in person if someone is sick or cannot attend a meeting.
May have to attend some of the PTO meetings.