Susan Morse
Picture of my husband and myself standing in front of a Redwood tree.
During the summer months, my family and I enjoy heading out on the motorcycles to visit the national
Why Whitewater?
Whitewater is a great place to live and teach. I grew up spending my summers here on Whitewater Lake. My family and I have such fond memories of the "small town" feel we got while staying here. After attending the University of Whitewater, who would have thought that I would now be living and teaching here?

I enjoy living here because you know everyone, and everyone cares about the people and what goes on in this community. Also, Whitewater is close to Madison and Milwaukee giving us the advantages of a bigger city.

When I am not teaching I enjoy spending my free time with my family. Even though my children are older we still make sure to plan vacations together. Our goal for each summer is to visit some new place in the United States on our motorcycles.

Whitewater is a great place to teach because our students, their families, and the staff work hard together to make sure the students' school years are successful. Our goal is for our students to graduate and become successful adults. I am committed to working with everyone to make 6th grade a great learning experience. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Susan Morse


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