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Principal: Dr. Tanya Wojciechowicz
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  • CSI Bone Investigation

    In this activity students complete physical and knowledge challenges regarding the Five Components of Fitness. When they complete their challenges and assemble their skeletons, they discover which "lifestyle" caused the untimely death of their skeleton.
  • Optimist Club Students of the Month

    Two WMS students were honored at Tuesday's Whitewater Optimist monthly meeting.  Aldo Rodriguez and Audrey Mayer were selected as the September honorees for outstanding school performance and attitude.  Aldo's recognition is due to him always having a positive attitude, an extraordinary work ethic, and overcoming significant obstacles.  Audrey is being recognized for her happy disposition that is infectious to her peers, her high academic standards, and involvement in a variety of school related activities.  Both students were selected by a panel of ten teachers who came to an agreement that they would be excellent representatives of WMS outstanding students but also examples of the Whitewater Optimist Club creed.  Ms. Ketter, Ms. Elliott, and Ms. Martinez accompanied the students to a special luncheon held on the UWW Campus.  Congratulations Aldo and Audrey!
  • Matter, Matters!

    Students in 6th grade have been exploring topics in matter. All science experimented with Oobleck, a substance we made that questioned their knowledge about matter. Students debated about which state of matter Oobleck actually was: a solid or liquid? After making a claim and finding evidence we realized that it actually is both states at the same time which is called a colloid. Be sure to ask your 6th grader about their Oobleck experience.