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  • 6th Grade Turtle Dissection Day

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    Environmental educators/teachers from Nature’s Classroom Institute in Mukwonago came to Whitewater Middle School on the morning of Friday, February 16th to dissect turtles with selected 6th grade students as a classroom extension project. Students were able to see firsthand what the turtles had recently eaten and how their bodies are specially adapted for optimum survival in their environment.  It was especially exciting to study the eye and to also uncover the brain.  Pictured with middle school students are Nature’s Classroom teachers, Briana Kyle and Satira Lord.

  • 6th Graders Tour Egypt with VR

    VR photo

    After learning all about ancient Egypt in social studies, the 6th graders went on a virtual field trip to Egypt. Mr. Houwers, WWUSD Technology Integrator, brought in virtual reality goggles for each student to explore Egypt. He guided the students on a tour allowing the students to see temples, monuments, and statues of Queen Hatshepsut and King Khufu up close. They also saw the pyramids. They were in awe of the architecture and how amazing it was that these ancient Egyptians were able to build these massive monuments without any of today’s technology. There was even some monuments that still had the original paint-beautiful! Many like the fact that it felt like they were really there. They can’t hardly wait until he comes back for the next virtual field trip to Greece!
  • Mardi Gras Celebration at WMS!

    Mardi Gras celebration photo

    Madame Behrens’s French 7 and French 8 classes recently celebrated Mardi Gras.  Students learned how Mardi Gras is celebrated throughout the francophone world, from Nice to New Orleans. Part of the festivities included French 8 students designing their own masks, complete with glitter, feathers, and beads.  Both seventh and eighth grade students made their own crêpes, a traditional French dish, which is often prepared in honor of Mardi Gras.
  • SLALN 6th grade Math 24 Meet

    SLALN photoCongratulations to the 6th grade Math 24 team for an outstanding job competing in the Southern Lakes Advanced Learner Network Math 24 Meet held on February 15 at Whitewater Middle School.  Special congratulations go out to Emerson Ellenwood for winning third place individually and to Jared Apgar for winning sixth place individually.  Jefferson students worked extra hard this year and earned the first, second, fourth and fifth place individual trophies. Overall, our school placed second among all five schools competing. Jefferson came in first with 1159 points.  Whitewater students earned 753 points followed by Clinton with 470, Waterloo with 260, Palmyra-Eagle with 258 points, and Edgerton with 217 points. 

    Whitewater Team members included Emerson Ellenwood, Jared Apgar, Silas Baker, Leah Newmann, Noah Coleman, Nick Wilson, and Atreyu Blahnik. Each of these students successfully solved cards and added to our team’s success. Great job everyone!